The Strategies of the Special Counsel and Donald Trump—3-20-18

The Strategies of the Special Counsel and Donald Trump—3-20-18l

Legal issues, both personal and political, criminal as well as financial, are still a major problem for both parties in the investigation of Russian interference in the Presidential election of 2016. But for Donald Trump, the pressure is relentless and increasingly effective in damaging his reputation and legal positions.

However, though the Special Counsel is plodding carefully along the legal byways, looking for legal violations by Russia, Trump’s Campaign, Trump’s personal behavior previous to the 2016 campaign has become a major issue, both distracting and potentially dangerous.

It is significant that today a Federal Judge has ruled that “no one,” not even the president is above the law,” in a case involving Trump nd his sexual behavior before he was elected.

Until very recently, Trump’s attorneys used accusations of sexual misbehavior to distract the public from his other legal vulnerabilities—campaign staff admissions, financial issues such as money-laundering, conviction of staff of collusive behavior with Russia, and violations of security laws and regulations by White House Staff.

Efforts to use Trump’s accusers of personal offenses to discredit its actual and potential enemies continues. The tactic is becoming less effective. And although Trump attorneys deny any involvement in any of the following, media reports now provide evidence of Trump involvement in all of them.

The list of Trump’s accusers grows almost daily, and includes the FBI, the Special Counsel, the Justice Department, Federal Judges, mainstream media, women who have reported that Trump groped, lied to, attempted to sexually assault, or buy sex and then require secrecy, and now social media such as Facebook whose “users” were exploited by Russia, the Trump Campaign, and political consulting firms who sent “fake news” to millions of voters in 2016.

Being tried in the media is a new experience for Donald Trump. He usually manipulates or buys his way out of it. The volume and variety and credibility of the accusations, however, make even the complicity of a news networks—Fox, and the Radio-based right-wing—cannot halt it.

In desperation, Trump is now threatening million-dollar law suits against accusers, but this has at yet not been effective. Adding ‘conspiracy” attacks from the past, using decades-old theories such as the “deep state,” and left-wing plots—are now being resurrected. Whether this will work is problematic.

The Republican Party, whose House Intelligence Committee has been discredited, must now confront the real possibility of having to to”choose” between accepting reports from the nation’s law enforcement and criminal justice agencies or the denials of a clearly compromised Trump Administration. Can the Republicans put nation before party? It is coming down to that. And our national security is at risk. If Trump prevails, America’s safety will be at risk for decades, or forever.

John H. Langer, JD, Ed.D. Retired Federal agency manger, former professor of education, public school administrator, and writer of a number of articles and publications on education, public affairs, substance abuse and social issues. In writing a book on attention and memory as it relates to education, this blog is helping to focus attention n current issues, and hopefully, add something useful as well.

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