Trump and ****Hole Countries and Racism

Trump and ****Hole Countries and Racism

    Those who said, “Just wait, Trump will destroy himself,” seem to be prescient.  My own view was, “why wait,” and it still is.  the White House said, “the base will agree with that, so don’t worry.”  That view, though probably some of his base do agree, does not take into account the “visceral” response of the minorities in this country, and those politicians who support them, and the people who understand that this remark, ****hole countries,” goes beyond bigotry to a whole mindset or anyone who is not like him–the poor, the struggling middle class, the elderly, the handicapped, the poor, the young and idealistic, educators, and anyone who knows the daily lives of the majority of Americans.

    Trump is a shell of a human being posing as one–he is worse than psychotic, beyond redemption, and cunning in his efforts to satisfy his own narcissism and insecurities.  He is a corrupted person who had the misfortune to be born into an environment that permitted him to satisfy his needs.  The fact that he can–by lying 2,000 verified times in public–be believed by a third of voting and polled Americans shows that he is not alone–only the outcome of the confluence of a number of corrupting influences and society that is “free.”  That freedom has costs, and depends upon not few but all of us–and Trump’s family, friends, neighbors and those who knew and interacted with him–enabled him.
    Those of us who have experienced the military or other disciplines know that if he had served he might have been different–but perhaps not.  In any case, Trump MUST be “neutralized” in some way–how it is done is the challenge that faces the country.  The Republican Party is the first line of defense–if they fail, they, too, must be dealt with because they can be used to raise another Trump and the nation will have to deal with it again.

   The nation’s existence as a democracy is being challenged, and it is not only the US, but other nations are also moving in the direction of more control of the “masses” who are incapable–the “elites” agree–of living happily in a democracy.  Unfortunately, they are delusional–most people would be happy with a living wage, an opportunity to raise a family and make a living in which they could find a reasonable measure of contentment, help with they are ill, and an old age in which they could live out their days without fear of becoming dependent upon others.
  BUT “destructive capitalism” has begun to consume too much of the world’s resources, and someone must bear the burden.  The easiest way, as I see it, is the develop a “new slavery,” where most of the people in a society are “in debt” (the new slavery is when most people cannot live independently and must always be “in debt” to the state or “the institutions that maintain societies”–banks, corporations, courts, legislatures, and other power groups.)  Student debt is the beginning of this–children are burdened with debt that some can not escape till middle age–is how it is beginning.  Mortgages are another dangerous thing in a society that requires its citizens to pay exorbitant prices and interest on an education that may NOT provide the opportunity to “make a decent living” and yet cannot “return it” or be compensated for or otherwise helped. The high price of housing in the US, resulting in so many “homeless” and adult children living with parents is because the society does not provide sufficient opportunity for so many of the less affluent to have a decent, independent life. 
    When a so-called “free” society does not provide many of its citizens with the basics–a job, a place to live, and opportunities for personal development in accordance with their abilities SOMETHING IS WRONG.  And that is the direction we are moving.  Trump has merely exposed the hypocrisy of this country’s decline, as the wealthy prosper and the others increasingly struggle.
   In a nation that does not have an “ethnic core” it MUST accept the people who come here–250 years ago the founding fathers committed the nation to a constitution that has endured because of its inclusiveness.  Trump–a descendant of recent immigrants wants to “loot and destroy” the country and is being aided by his henchmen and a hijacked Republican Party that so far has failed to do what is needed.
     But the nation itself can still recover IF there is enough “leadership” to help the voters understand what is at stake here, the very survival of freedom for their children and grandchildren.  HOW this will be resolved, or end is not clear.  The possibility of violence may become greater if Trump continues to “bait” minorities and “inflame” his so-called “base.”  If either have a desire for it, that may happen.  Charlottesville was a small taste of that.  There ARE elements that can be stirred up, Russia is already doing it, and the internet is an “untested” source of social communication that has the potential to undermine “social controls” and initiate a nationwide wave of unrest that is not controllable by local and state authorities.
    The mainstream media (with the exception of Fox and some others) is trying to communicate the dangers of the situation, with some success.  However, it is becoming clear that the Republican Party must make clear where it stands on the protection of the nation from foreign interference (Russia and China), social unrest stirred by fringe organizations like the KKK and other fake “America first” groups pandered to by Trump and his enablers in the Congress and state and local governments.  
     The Bigotry expressed by Donald Trump is often echoed by those in his base and in the media that support him.  These people, hopefully a majority of them, may be ashamed of what they are now supporting, but seem as yet to be unable to free themselves.  They must be helped, persuaded, or if necessary made aware of the dire consequences of losing their “freedom” to choose how they will be governed. For that is surely the goal of Trump’s “inner” circle, and the self-serving among the GOP who see an opportunity to “take over” the Federal government and possibly make this a “permanent one-party” nation.   
     In my opinion, the elections of 2018 will determine for a long time the direction of politics and nation.  Many wiser Republicans are leaving government now.  Why?  They realize that the conflict will only continue until Trump is gone, and that may be 3 more or 7 more years.  If so, they know they need to “take care of their own affairs.”  That may be cowardice, but it makes good sense.  And unless the voters, in November, 2018, decide to “take a walk” away from the Republican party, they are not likely to be able to make the same choice again.

John H. Langer, JD, Ed.D. Retired Federal agency manger, former professor of education, public school administrator, and writer of a number of articles and publications on education, public affairs, substance abuse and social issues. In writing a book on attention and memory as it relates to education, this blog is helping to focus attention n current issues, and hopefully, add something useful as well.

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