Presidential Triplets? Trump, Kim, and Putin—Similarities and Differences

Presidential Triplets? Trump, Kim, and Putin—Similarities, Differences, Purposes

We have world leaders whose behavior and statements do not “meet the expectations” of the rest of the civilized world. And two are elected third inherited the leadership. Each has succeeded despite major opposition, and despite ignoring many conventional “expectations.”

President Kim of North Korea has for years been an isolated, feared and despised dictator who inherited his position from his father and murdered other aspirants to it. His erratic behavior and lack of concern for his own people has kept the 30 million people of North Korea in a constant state of near starvation and abject poverty. His disregard for the welfare of his own people is obvious, and his envy, anger, hatred and contempt for the rest of the world is well-known. His character and activities have been widely condemned by all but those nations those that are most like the one he control . His danger to the world is an obsession with becoming a nation with nuclear and ICBM capabilities. This has earned for him and his nation both isolation and sanctions from most nations of the free world. Kim will not agree to discuss issues related to his military and nuclear activities through diplomatic processes and continues to launch ICBM rockets, in an effort to intimidate other nations and express his anger against the US.

President Trump of the United States is the elected leader of a nation that has long been “the model democracy” of the free world. His first six months of a four-year term have been disappointing. His staff is in disarray, his agenda has not been fully explained, his efforts to pass legislation has largely failed. His claim to success are based on Executive Orders, despite having majorities in both Houses of the Congress, and his failures to lead, to articulate his program have resulted in the loss of approval by two out of three Americans. He is being investigated be a “special prosecutor” for having conspired to affect the outcome of the election that gained him the Presidency because of evidence that members of his campaign organization and members of his own family were involved in inappropriate and perhaps criminal activities. Among the possible offenses are conspiring with Russia to affect the US election, Money laundering, efforts to obstruct justice by the President and members of his staff, as well as other employees and associates with contacts with Russian Government and others. Reports have speculated on why Trump insists that the US should develop better relations with Russia And ignore the evidence presented by US Intelligence agencies of its direct involvement in the Presidential election. Still not known are the reasons why Mr. Trump refuses to provide his tax returns, information on his financial activities and responses to a “dossier” assembled by a non-US citizen and provided to the FBI and other authorities. His erratic behavior is increasingly offending more Americans and is becoming more dependent on the one-third of Americans whose ideology, religion or lack of awareness make them less willing to abandon him.

Is there reason to believe that BOTH have observed the success of a third world leader, Vladimir Putin’s 17 years as ruler of Russia? Over that time he has taken control of that nation, and now has the ability to affect the elections, by “computer hacking” and other espionage activities world-wide. He claims that Russia is a democratic nation that has elected him with 80% of the vote, His aggression against neighboring nations, interference with their elections and annexation of territory generate fear and sanctions against Russia. Putin assumed power and consolidated it by eliminating his challengers, some imprisoned or died under suspicious circumstances, has amassed billions in a personal fortune and considers the US as an enemy.
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