Survivalist’s Alert

Survivalist’s Alert

This is a post that is partly a “fantasy” but in some senses the way one might look at our futures. I post this on my blog only to suggest that today’s political issues have far-reaching implications. It is May 14, 2017. The future of American politics, barring some major event that changes its character, will continue to be contentious and full of anxiety about the future, The “unpredictable” President continues to make the world less stable. His latest action, to delay the inevitable exposure of his ties to Russia by firing the Director of the FBI, destabilizes the nation and dismays people everywhere in the world.

However, my sense is that the FBI will NOT knuckle under to Trump., even if he appoints someone who will try to quash the investigation.  The “leaks” Trump wails about don’t go only one way,  And, his own White House seems to leak like a sieve.
    My greatest concern is that Republicans remain in denial and continue to be willing to do anything to be re-elected and hold onto power, and they will be incapable of agreeing to act reasonably with this crisis. In fact, most of them (and some Democrats too) are incapable of UNDERSTANDING the implications of what is happening to the fabric of our democracy, and the impact of not just Trump BUT WHAT A LARGE MINORITY OF VOTERS (AND TOO MANY NON-VOTERS–WHO ARE A WHOLE OTHER KIND OF CITIZEN) SHOW THE WORLD A MATURE DEMOCRACY BECOMES.
    A friend of mine sends me a note about my email citing the “1984” novel and the slogan :lies are truth.  That, and a lot of the rest of the novel seem to be more possible now that Donald Trump has revealed himself.

    I wrote a note to someone about the evangelical notion of “the Anti-Christ,” and whether evangelicals (who voted 80% for Trump) are now worried (Catholics, 53% of those who voted, went for Trump).  But the Anti-Christ is NOT one who comes and says, “let’s be bad.”  No, he convinces people by convincing them that HE is good–or at least better than anyone else.  That is eerily like what Trump and the GOP did in the last election. 
    The fact that Trump is a rotten human being makes ALL of this worrisome.  It may be some kind of TEST that the country has to pass and the election was just the FIRST question, and we failed.
   WHO is giving the test?  My thought is that “we” are testing each other–to see who has the ??????to overcome??????and make things (different\worse) than they are now.. Tough test, isn’t it?  What will be the next question?
 Here’s a suggestion: “Now that things are screwed up, AS A NATION will agree that you should, you, can,  you will……?” 

(a) keep trying to change to fix it, (b) keep on doing more of the same (c) stop trying and give up–[and do what?] (d) stop and pray (d) keep trying and pray (f) wait for “something” to happen (g)all of the above   
       My answer would be, THE TEST IS OVER ALREADY .As a unified country, we have FAILED. so, it’s everyone, (or every group) for themselves: WE HAVE ALREADY ANSWERED;   (g) meaning that because there are so many different “factions”  we can NO LONGER make rational decisions so Nature, Chance, Providence, God, or a combination of ‘Factions that doesn’t now exist” will decide for us..
       As a “UNITED STATES” WE TOGETHER have  ALREADY CHOSEN so WE can no longer “go back” and no matter which choice WE will make, because we have given up stability and mutual respect, and the power of the existing institutions traditions, social conventions, mores,  laws and respect for them, the OUTCOME of CHANGE will be wrong for some of us.   (This has ALREADY been happening since WWII.) Maybe John Adams, our 2nd President was right–” Democracies destroy themselves” –by too much freedom.  (Freedom from what?)

   The “special interests” that have arisen–big finance and banking, big manufacturing, big media, big insurance, big medicine, big sports, big agriculture, big transportation, etc. and big government itself have have  evolved over the last half century.  Now they have been “exposed” by a “social media” that is a creation of a combination of scientific, economic and social pressures and their interaction.  The “internet” is its major vehicle.  The seemingly “benign” concept of “net neutrality” is a signal–in its largely unnoticed significance–of what is to come.  That will be the increasing control of the processes of data collection and use, the “monetization” of access to almost everything the moves over the internet, and the voluntary and ultimately involuntary connection of “individuals” to it in ways that take control of the voluntary aspects of much of our daily lives.  
    The next unanswered question is–what group or groups will survive, and will IT (what WE become) be better, or different but flawed in different ways?..  IT MAY HAVE BEEN TOO LATE FOR A (NO HARM) CHOICE FOR A LONG TIME!  Che sera, sera.

    My final suggestion is: Try to find ways of avoiding “connections” that are not essential to you, and be ready to “simplify” your life so that you can “escape” to places where “survival” does NOT depend on whether or not you have or control access to power, fuel, food, shelter, clean air, medical care, transportation, communication, and a place of safety.  If this frightens you, it should.  Ask yourself, what things or services do I fully or partly depend on without which I could not go on living as I do?

    List them, and then ask, what will or would I DO if they were not available or too expensive. Is there someplace I can, or could go, to survive if that happened? Where, what, how, how long, would it take to adjust to that? 

John H. Langer, JD, Ed.D. Retired Federal agency manger, former professor of education, public school administrator, and writer of a number of articles and publications on education, public affairs, substance abuse and social issues. In writing a book on attention and memory as it relates to education, this blog is helping to focus attention n current issues, and hopefully, add something useful as well.

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