Enablers–GOP Women and Hillary, Both?

Enablers–GOP Women and Hillary, Both?

The “enabler” accusation leveled by Republicans against Hillary Clinton can now be leveled at Republicans, especially women who are in denial about the “irony” in their continued support of Donald Trump. But to understand why is not always easy.

Robert Samuels’ excellent front-page article (Washington Post, October 9, 2016), helped focus my thoughts on that accusation. Michelle Bachman, responded to a question by a woman interviewer on CNN who cited her January statement that, “God raised up Donald Trump,” by affirming it. Then she accused Hillary of being an enabler because she had supported her husband.

I thought, how is Milania Trump’s statement supporting her husband different from that? Or all the female commentators, who in the past few days supporting (enabling?) Trump for his “locker room banter?”
Samuel’s article describes, sympathetically, Ms Newton’s transition from Trump supporter to realization of her denial of obvious reality. Her mental processes describe how many “enablers” excuse clearly objectionable behavior.

The same people who have accused Hillary Clinton of being an “enabler” are now behaving just as they claim she did when she defended her husband 20 years ago. And, most of them don’t realize how similar their behavior is, to what they assert is hers.

I am amazed that there are women still defending Trump. Any woman who does has no self respect–and, obviously those women on TV and Radio are still in denial or have other motives–usually self-serving, e.g. Michelle Bachman, though most of them immediately try to change the subject to Hillary–or it’s “old” or that its “boys will boys” or Bill was worse. The race will not be a landslide. Michelle Bachman said in January, “God raised up Donald Trump.” and she was asked by the interviewer–“Do you think, now, that he has taken him down?” Bachman changed the subject–with her usual incoherent drivel, but repeated her assertion that Hillary was an “enabler.”.
Of course it is easy to identify and expose this, now, but there is a larger issue here. Not only Trump’s women supporters are in denial. Our society routinely “excuses” or ignores the treatment of women in sexist or demeaning ways. This “enabler” issue has merely surfaced an aspect of the more pervasive way both men and women are “in denial” about it.

As Trump’s candidacy begins to bring to our attention “unintended consequences,” perhaps, if he is defeated, some honest introspection might result in constructive “change?”

John H. Langer, JD, Ed.D. Retired Federal agency manger, former professor of education, public school administrator, and writer of a number of articles and publications on education, public affairs, substance abuse and social issues. In writing a book on attention and memory as it relates to education, this blog is helping to focus attention n current issues, and hopefully, add something useful as well.

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